New methods for visualizing objects provide excellent opportunities for their presentation on the Internet. This new, gaining popularity, the method is to present objects in a virtual tour. Person watching presentations impression that actually participates in exploring an object – as if it were his choice spot. The advantage of such a “guided tour” after the objects are very much in the same way they relate to hotels, spas, restaurants, and yachts, for example, whether the representative limousines … – could list here indefinitely. With the help of virtual presentation do not need to physically visit a particular object – enough to run a web browser and go.


Why have a virtual tour?


Virtual Tour is an excellent and effective advertising tool, as evidenced by research conducted online advertising market in the U.S.. These studies indicate a far more efficient advertising containing virtual presentations. This is particularly evident in the real estate market where the hosted virtual tours on over 80% of companies in this industry. Clients appreciate the opportunity to learn offered the property, hotel, conference hall, restaurant, bar or recreation facility without checking it at the location.


Virtual tours are a spherical panorama, the photograph having a field of view 360 ° horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. Picture this allows you the freedom glancing around in all directions around the point from which it was made. Presentation of the panorama is done in an interactive way – the viewer decides which wants to see the photography section, it is possible to zoom the view. Show your premises, company or city in an unconventional and realistic way, things that customers do not leave home to see your company as if it were present. Panorama is the best form of presentation for companies willing to present its customers with its own decor and furnishings. Panoramas and virtual tours can be placed on the website, as well as multimedia presentation. Panorama performed by us do not require installing any additional software, you can watch them on Windows, Linux, Mac OS in any web browser.


Why panoramas are better than ordinary photographs?


Spherical Panorama, in contrast to the classical picture allows the viewer using the mouse or keyboard to decide in which direction he wants to look – it gives a realistic impression of presence in the presented area.